Executive Board


Patrick stevenson


I joined Phi Beta Sigma in 1987, Pi Mu Chapter, Western Carolina University. I have held several leadership positions within the Fraternity. I serve as the Director of Military Affairs for the State of North Carolina. In my personal service outside of Phi Beta Sigma, I take part in coaching, teaching, and mentoring young men through football and wrestling.

ken reid

Vice President

I crossed Phi Beta Sigma, Summer 2018 (Usual Suspects, Rascal Blu, Trey All Day). I was elected as Zeta Beta Sigma Chapter's Vice President in 2021. I am married (36 years) with two children (Sachiko, Zeta Phi Beta, UNC 2006 and Ken Jr.) and six grandchildren. I am a Retired Army Warrant Officer, originally from California and hold a Bachelor Of Science Degree from Excelsior College.

"Our Cause Speeds On Its Way"

sam jones

Immediate Past President

I am a native of Philadelphia, PA but was raised in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. I joined our Wonderous Band of Brothers on March 11, 2011 at Theta Theta Sigma Chapter in El Paso, Texas. I became a member of Zeta Beta Sigma Chapter in 2015 and was appointed as the chapter Sigma/Zeta Liaison / fundraiser chair. In 2016, I was appointed as the chapter Vice President. I have served as the chapter president for four years. Currently, I serve as the Super Southeastern Region Sigma/Zeta Liaison and the Immediate Past President of the chapter. One of my key roles is to be the advisor to the President.

broderick a. jones


Brother Broderick A. Jones, of Fayetteville, NC, is serving his 2nd year as a member of the Executive Board of Zeta Beta Sigma Chapter for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. He was elected Treasurer in 2020 and helps govern the business and activities of the local fraternal chapter. He holds a Master of Business Administration Degree in Accounting from Liberty University and is a retired Chief Warrant Officer of the United States Army. He has worked as a Civil Service employee with the Department of the Army as a Budget Analyst since 2010. He enjoys quality time with his wife Kendra and daughter Brielle, and is passionate about educating others on becoming debt free and creating family wealth.

William daniels


Greetings, I am a loving Husband and Father. I joined The Theta Delta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., on April 7, 1999 out of the University of Alabama. I am a current member of its Chapter Alumni Association as well. Currently, as the Executive Secretary for Zeta Beta Sigma, my role is wide ranging. First, I am one of the four elected officers within the Chapter and a member of the Executive Board. Some of the duties and responsibilities of my position include; maintaining records, facilitating meetings, recording and maintaining minutes of the meetings, managing all correspondence, and working closely with the Treasurer. In addition to my duties as the Executive Secretary, I also work as a youth advisor for the chapter's Sigma Beta Club. I feel that it is important for us, as conscientious men about business, to guide and mentor our young men on how to reach their greatest potential.

timothy bowman

Director of Bigger and Better Business

I am a retired Army veteran, father, husband, and director of Bigger Business charged with ensuring our program connects and supports minority-owned black-owned businesses throughout the United States. We must reach the minority-owned black-owned companies within the region to show our continued support. The importance of tracking black spending shows that we have conscious minds of where we put our money—educating our young men on how to dress for success and compete for business opportunities that are generally not afforded to them. As the Bigger and Better Business Chair, I will ensure that the chapter and community are connected with the latest and greatest business initiatives and financial literacy classes to build a strong relationship.


Director of Education

I, Mundrickus L. (M.L.) Kelly, am a retired Army Veteran with over 25 years of service. I am currently serving as a high school math teacher. I have been an active member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. since 2016. I graduated from Virginia State University with an M.Ed and earned a Sherpa executive coaching certification from the University of Georgia. Whether in grade school, college, or the school of life, you never stop learning. Value the education to receive and use what you learn to make someone's life better.

nakia harris

Director of Social Action

I'm a proud husband, father, grandfather, and retired Army Veteran. I'm a man of few words, but my actions speak for itself. I believe that one of the most important notions and values of life is realizing the importance of giving back and helping others. I learned to make the most of my life by striving to live for something that is bigger than myself. As Social Action Chair, I will continue to strive to make sure the brotherhood is always looking forward to getting into some good trouble.